Based in Japan, Aquatradings Co. deals exclusively with outdoor leisure-related products and the sale and marketing of them.

"I'd like to hold an outdoor event in Japan, so what am I supposed to do?"
"There are many outdoor camping and recreational items, but what kind of customers can I sell to?"

We will use our global network to provide information directly to clients from specialist outlets, so please contact our company as we are continuing to develop niche markets in this field.


Our Works

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Import and sale of outdoor related products

We import many vintage French and British frame tents and army surplus articles and we sell them on our Japanese online shop, "Pajama Moon".

Planning Outdoor events in Japan

We can help you start planning camping and leisure events that can attract many paying customers. These include playrooms where you can safely leave your children and allow them to participate in many games and activities.

Marketing outdoor products in Japan

Our company will make full use of social media and SNS, Japanese domestic camping magazines etc, promoting global camping brands wanting to penetrate the Japanese market and assisting them with the necessary sales and customer support.

Large tent and PA equipment rental in Japan

In addition to outdoor festivals and events, we rent a selection of large tents, AV and audio equipment suitable for outdoor events. Our experienced staff will be able to help you with everything from initial set up to breaking down after the event and we guarantee a smooth and trouble-free experience for our customers.

Purchase of used tents, musical instruments and AV and audio equipment

We will purchase many different types of equipment such as tents, musical instruments, PAs, DJ and AV equipment from anywhere in the world. Any condition will be considered. Please use our contact form for a free quote.

Web development and DTP design

We create and update websites and online shops using CMS. Our company can provide websites specializing in SEO and we can undertake anything from domain acquisition to hosting. In addition we can supply printed matter such as promotional catalogs, event flyers and pamphlets.

pajamamoon - vintage frame tent shop

Pajama Moon, the Vintage frame tent shop

We are proud to introduce Pajama Moon, our hugely successful online Vintage frame tent shop.This webshop deals exclusively with vintage French and British frame tents.

Cotton canvas tents retain heat when it is cold and, unlike modern nylon tents, provide a cool, shady interior, even in the hottest summer weather. They can deal with anything that the elements can throw at them, remaining dry and secure even in the worst rainstorms. These tents are safe to cook in and can be heated internally, so they will be comfortably warm throughout the colder seasons. Likewise, in the heat of the summer, the canvas construction prevents extreme temperatures and provides shade, keeping the interior cool and comfortable. Our vintage frame tents are frequently used in European family holiday camps and were designed and manufactured to be pitched long-term in the summer. They are large, spacious and very practical, whilst also remaining chic and stylish. They possess an evocatively retrospective charm, so you can relive the relaxed atmosphere of the 60s and 70s European campsites in a vintage frame tent!

Do you have an unused Vintage frame tent in your garage?
We buy retro frame tents at higher prices than any other auction site!

To sell your old tent, go to Trade Pajama Moon

Greeting from the CEO

CEO Kojiro Sato

Thank you very much for your interest in our site.

When I was a teen, I was a guitarist and I used to buy guitars second-hand and repair them. Using this experience, I worked in a recycling shop after leaving school, where I became skilled in general repairs and renovations. I left the company to backpack around Asia, Europe and America, and after returning home, I started online second-hand sales, making full use of my previous recycling experience.

I am very grateful for all those people around me who helped me to start my business, as this gave me a great start in doing what I love. Even now I rely on a lot of people who help me with the company and we are gradually expanding our business. Whilst most of my business is Internet based, I am also looking to include all members of the community, as I believe that this is just as, if not more important. Thank you and I am looking forwards to a great future for everyone.

Sato Kojiro. CEO.

Company Profile

Company Name Aquatradings Co.
CEO Kojiro Sato
Company Number 6011801024247
Established March, 2008
Company Address 869-1 Shimono-go
Pajama Moon Studio For visiting us, please come to the Studio below.
1363-4 Shimono-go
Our Works
  • Import and sale of outdoor related products
  • Planning Outdoor events
  • Marketing of overseas outdoor-related products in Japan
  • Large tent and PA equipment rental
  • Purchase of used tents, musical instruments and AV and audio equipment
  • Web development and DTP design
TEL +81 (0)70-3772-3693
European Agent Noriko Okamoto (London, UK)
Contact Any enquiries, please use our contact form.